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  • Hyde
  • Publisher: IDW
  • Written by: Steve Niles
  • Art By: Nick Stakal
  • Digital Release Date:
    August 8th, 2012
  • Language: English
  • Mature (ages 16+)
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Two brilliant but misunderstood scientists race to unlock the mystery of man’s dual nature. They succeed, unleashing a murderous beast on a terrified city. As suspicion and treachery grow, the startling secret of the beast’s origin is revealed. Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Nick Stakal deliver a powerful andfrightening tale of duality, deception, and death.
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A deadly game draws to a close as the living dead girl Christabella must escape from her greatest enemies and put herself in the path of malevolent beings that are neither angels nor demons, but something worse... if she is to stop them from putting the world to flame and realize her own twisted plans for the monster-laden mist-enshrouded haunted town of Silent Hill.
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Fear the Dead #1 Norm Breyfogle, Guy Davis, Nat Jones, Nick Stakal, Josh Medors, Kody Chamberlain, Chris Moreno and dozens more of the best and brightest in horror art today all lay out their best zombie pin ups, and Michael Alan Nelson sews it together into one big tapestry. A complete guidebook to the wondrous world of the undead, seen through the eyes of a survivor of the zombie apocalypse.
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