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"Operation: Wonder From Down Under part 1: When the Central Park Zoo acquired a rare Duck-billed Platypus, the Penguins see a threat to their popularity. But when they discover that the Platypus has been forced to abandon a nest full of eggs back in Australia, our heroes launch a daring escape and dedicate themselves to returning their companion to her native land... wherever that may be. Does anybody have an atlas? A whirlwind globetrotting adventure that takes the (occasionally direction-averse) Penguins to exotic new locales, from the lush Amazon Rainforest to the frozen Russian Tundra, as they encounter strange new friends and learn never to judge a book by its cover. Petey the Pestilence part 1: A bratty kid is tormenting the zoo animals. He knocked King Julian's crown off with a banana peel and hits Mort with an apple core (No one was really bothered by that). When Kowalski, Rico, Private and Skipper become the target of this tiny terror, it's time for Petey to get some of what he's dishing out, Penguin style! Rico's Remedy: Rico's crucial ability to gag-up tools on cue goes on the fritz, leaving the Penguins without one of their most valued assets. What's wrong with Rico? The Penguins must diagnose their ailing ally ASAP!"
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