• Geronimo: Last Apache Warrior

  • Publisher: Moonstone
  • Writen By: Eric Griffin
  • Art By: Chaz Truog
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Digital Release Date: October, 10th, 2011
  • Teen/Young Adults (ages 13+)


The year, 1886: the Apache Wars have raged for twenty-five years, leaving a swath of destruction -- like a raw and bloody scalp -- all across the American Southwest. Of all the warchiefs, from all the tribes from the Atlantic to the Pacific, only Geronimo remains. Free, defiant, indomitable. Now, trapped between the hammer of the US Cavalry and the anvil of the Mexican Army, the legendary mystic-warrior faces his final battle. It's a fight not merely for survival, but for the very spirit of his people. Geronimo: the Last Apache Warrior.
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