The Odyssey returns in this stunning 48-page special continuing the events from The 10th Muse #11! The 10th Muse is mad with power and has taken control of Mt. Olympus. Now, with Grayson Bishop at her side, she launches the Titan warriors to invade Earth and to assassinate all earthbound Olympians. The lines between enemies and heroes become crossed when the evil Medusa joins forces with Judo Girl, Atlas, Orion the Hunter, Wonder Boy, and the Valkyrie to stop their former ally. Along the way, new faces will emerge, such as The Red Muse, Camelot, Sigma, and Leveax of the Witch Kids. Can The Odyssey stop the destruction of the Earth? Will Grayson Bishop complete his corruption of The 10th Muse? And where is Emma Sonnet during all of this? Find out in this special, GIANT-sized issue!
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