"Bill Willingham writer of the smash hit series FABLES tells a pair of stories detailing the lives of strange heroes living in very odd worlds. In Otherland, Mary Arevalo washed up on a desolate shore and to find a beautiful and savage land. Richard Trent, also known as Tanakura, saved Mary's life and together they started a journey across this strange world in search of a distant settlement of humans. They found a fierce dragon in an underground temple who wanted them for lunch. Now in the aftermath of that terrific battle, Tanakura's life hangs by a thread. In Spellbinder, a former combat sorcerer named Cornelius gets assigned to young Tommy Bowen as his instructor. Tommy's sorcerer training has him dressing as a superhero to disguise his magical nature from the eyes of a prying public. Tommy heads to the bottom of a lake in search of the Grendel nest in the first real test of his skills as a combat sorcerer.

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