"A Paradise Lost… The incessant wanderings of D, the mysterious vampire hunter, brings him to a floating city of paradise—a utopian society the size of a small town hovering safely above the reach of the perils of the Frontier. After a chance encounter and the subsequent rescue of Lori, a lone survivor of the savage wasteland, and a shady character named Pluto VIII, D is called in by the mayor of the floating city to eradicate a problem—bite marks on the mayor’s daughter. What was thought to be a safe haven now show signs of vampires running loose. As more and more of the townsfolk become denizens of the undead, it becomes clear that all is not what it seems and that both the mayor and Lori are somehow entangled in the confusing mystery. But the particular parts that they play are what D has to unravel. And where does Pluto VIII fit into all this? Created by Hideyuki Kikuchi and illustrated by Saiko Takaki, the fourth manga adaptation of the Vampire Hunter D series is where sci-fi and the macabre clash, where mutant monsters feast and unheard of vampire powers are secretly kept, until now. Good luck D!" Comics+ 4.0.2 is required to read this in its native right to left style.

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