• Knight's Terms

  • Publisher: Digital Manga
  • Written By: Yuna Aoi
  • Art By: Yuna Aoi
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy/Humor
  • Date Released: March 27th, 2013
  • Mature (ages 16+)


Izumi Etou is starting at a new school, Egret Academy, and he is excited to join the fencing club with his childhood friend, Yuuji Saeki. The reason he’s so excited? Club President Takasaki, Izumi’s handsome senpai, is there!! He dreams of becoming a graceful and strong man just like his senpai, but Izumi hates Vice President Ibe hanging all over Takasaki. Things becomeeven more complicated when Yuuji decides he’s in love with Izumi, who’s too engrossed with Takasaki to notice! Yuuji isn't straightforward with his feelings, so how can he make Izumi return them? Who will be Izumi's love in the end? Translated by Celena Toon & Tracy Wright; Edited by H.L. Armstrong; Lettered by M. Mackey & Liz Marina Barillas

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