Robert Steven Rhine (Girl's and Corpses) presents a horror anthology loaded with more gore, terror and humor that you can swallow--or choke on! It's dark, horrific and very funny. This full color graphic fiction extravaganza features the top horror illustrators from around the world. This issue brings four tales of terror. "Bone Soup" (Joe Vigil) tells the tale of a hungry traveller in Eastern Europe, "Love Doll" (Jacob Hair) is the story of a mad scientist trying to outdo Einstein, "Party Clown" (Bryan Baugh) takes us in the mind of a demented funnyman. In "Out On A Limb" a man finds out that getting rid of an old tree is harder than one thinks. Pinups by Nenad Gucunja Vincent Waller, R. Hrynkiewicz and Alan M. Clark Satan's Circus of Hell quotes “Good gory humor! Writer Rhine is clearly a horror fan. Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.” --Jack Abramowitz, Comic Buyers Guide "Gross, putrid and downright offensive. Higher praise just doesn't exist.” --Alan Katz, producer/writer HBO's "Tales From The Crypt" "Rhine is the maniacal master chef who keeps stirring the pot until it rises to an enormous satirical boil." --Hilary Barta, Marvel/DC artist, The Man With The Screaming Brain “--make sure you go and pick this sucker up!”

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