The Naugus Trilogy- Part III- A Friend in Deed. The conclusion to The Naugus Trilogy has it all! Sonic and Tails implore the return of Nate to Mobotropolis because of his knowledge on the power rings. They are ambushed by Ixis Naugus! Ixis plans to harness the power rings in Nate Morgan's fortress to merge the Zone of Silence (where he is omnipotent) with Mobius. Sonic, Tails, Nate and Eddy team up to stop the sorceror's evil plans. Our heroes take part in a super-powered struggle aided by Nate's rings. But a heavy price will be paid that will change the course of their future. Who will be victorious? "And Then There Was One..." The Origin of Ixis Naugus!

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