The madman himself may be gone, but his evil lives on. We're speaking of course of Robotnik's satellites, which link to each other while in orbit, forming a mega-sized space base. Meanwhile, back on Mobius, Sonic's parents are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary - complete with new wedding bands fashioned from power rings. The celebration is cut short by the threat of the space base, and Sonic and the Freedom Fighters reunite in secret to investigate the mysterious satellites and who might be behind it all, and are spaceward bound to investigate. That is, if they can get off the ground - for just as they are about to leave, they receive a distress signal from Sonic's parents urging them to return at once. What diabolical menace has befallen our heroes now? You have three guesses- and the first two don't count! "Tales Of the Great War - Part II - The Big Bad One"

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