Two Worlds, two loves, two destines - read what each unique future is like when Archie Marries Betty and when Archie Marries Veronica. Archie Marries Veronica - "Just Like Starting Over": Part 1 – In the aftermath of a mine cave-in, Veronica rushes home, concerned for her husband Archie. Little does she know it's her father she should be worried about! Meanwhile, having also escaped from a near-death experience, Reggie is ready to smile for the cameras as his and Betty's reality show begins production! Archie Marries Betty - "Rock On!": Part 1 – It's an all-around homecoming with several familiar faces making their way back to Riverdale! Archie and Ambrose make plans to jump-start their joint business venture plus Archie hears the words he never thought possible from the lips of Mr. Lodge! Packed with laughs, love and shocking revelations, what more could you ask for in an Archie story?

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