"With the prom just around the corner, Megamind hatches a plan to usurp the imminent prom king, Metro Dude, but when his dastardly deed takes a self-destructive turn, he's forced to challenge his teenaged nemesis to a dance off in front of the entire class, ultimately usurping himself. Minion's Day Off part 1 of 4: Minion takes the day off. One problem, Megamind is completely unorganized without Minion's help and doesn't know where to find anything. Things are desperate, as Megamind accidently sets off an evil device that will send Metro City into outer space, and now he must find his sidekick before the city goes bye-bye. Minion, Where's the Car?: Megamin and Minion can't remember where they parked the car... what's worse... it's invisible!"

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