THE ADVENT UNIVERSE BEGINS HERE! This 80-page giant chronicles the coming of the Advent Comics Universe – the shining light putting the SOUL back into comics! BUT SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG… The world has fallen into darkness; war and strife are spreading across the universe as the forces of evil seek to destroy mankind. AND ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE!! The players are introduced as the groundwork is set for the most explosive and controversial comic company launch in years!! PANDEMONIUM has come to Earth and EVIL INCARNATE reigns! Cover by Bart Sears, Andy Smith, Andrew Dalhouse and Comicraft. PANDEMONIUM: EVIL INCARNATE, the highly anticipated first offering from Advent Comics will be an 80-page giant introducing key characters and lays the groundwork for the Advent Comics Universe. This tremendous undertaking features stellar work from the creative cast consisting of writer Tony Kittrell, pencils by “The Untouchables” (Advent’s crew of up & coming artists whose mind-blowing work will take the comic book industry by storm), inking/coloring by Kyle Ammon & Rachel LaChance and lettering by Oren Kramek!

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